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Eden Valley 2016 Convention
Convention Schedule
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Friday Vespers
Sabbath AM Devotional
Sabbath School
Divine Serivce
Sabbath Afternoon
Sabbath Vespers
Sunday AM Devotional
Friday  Vespers -- Coming Judgements of God -- Steve Wohlberg
Sabbath AM Devotional  --  Frank Fournier
Divine Service -- Fireball From the Sky  --  Steve Wohlberg
Sabbath Vespers --  The Judgements - Revival Connection  -- Steve Wohlberg
Sunday AM Devotional  -- Frank Fournier
Sunday morning -- New Light for Laodiceans  -- Steve Wohlberg

Tanzania and Daystar Academy  --  Janet Fournier
Tamahara Mission, Creel Mexico  -- David & Virginia Cruz -- Bill Hay Translating
Black Hills Health & Education -- Al & Brenda Trace
Eden Valley Report -- Laural, Jose,Travis, Daniel  Rhonda, Kate &
Hartland Institute  --  Norbert Restrepo
Outpost Centers, Int'l  -- Steven Grabiner
India  --  Bob Stone
Voice of Prophecy  --  Bill Hay
Dominican Republic  -- Fred Flint